Our Company

Our History

MAC has its foundations in providing world class services, and since 1996 we have been devoted to the local, and more recently, to the South America’s industrial environment services. The culture of MAC has as its DNA a differentiated way to relate to the market, this experience being intensely lived with client companies of several areas of the economy.

MAC relates to the world of our customers through an approach marked by simplicity, trust, partnership and objectivity, which can be easily identified by the results obtained in our performed operations.

Our competencies are Industrial Consulting, Project Management, and Reliability Centered Maintenance, in which a competent, experienced, specialized and multidisciplinary group share information with our customers.


Principles and Values

We at MAC follow simple rules because we believe in its intrinsic value:


  • Being an honest company above any other interest;
  • Being profitable by adding value to the interested parties, i.e., shareholders, partners, community and environment;
  • Producing viable business opportunities, satisfying decisively our customers and partners;
  • Meeting legitimate needs which support the business;
  • Valuing entrepreneurship and the act of breaking non-obvious barriers;
  • Delegating responsibilities, providing subsidies for greater success and stimulating collective thinking;
  • Encouraging the generation of innovative ideas among our partners;
  • Believing in the changes of the processes, having as the basic element the humility to acknowledge that we always have something that can be improved. 



MAC differential can be found in the combination of several competencies around its portfolio of services.


Within the concept of lean enterprise, i.e., optimized over-head, agility in response to the requests and a deep vocation to provide a high added-value service, MAC has garnered, throughout its entire life, a solid relationship with the market.

Several specialties composed of experienced professionals make MAC a reliable and committed company. “Efforts move, but results convince.”

This is how MAC has been building its 15-year-old history.